Onsite Consulting

One-on-one onsite session for all things design. Get dedicated in person time with me to ask all the questions, make decisions on existing projects, discuss inspiration for new projects, rearrange existing furniture and decor to flow better, and so much more.

What to expect:

Additional hours same day $50/hour
Add-on Options: Mood Board & Mockups

Mood Boards

A convenient way to visualize the overall look of a space/room. By arranging pictures of furniture, colors, and accessories you can create and adjust room design without making permanent changes to the actual space.

What to expect:

Additional mood boards for same space/room $100.00


A digital rendering of a specific space or item based on design decisions. Mockups are convincing and closely resemble the final product. Great for taking something existing and swapping out colors, textiles, etc.

What to expect:

Additional mockups for same space/room $100.00

Concept Blueprint Package

A design blueprint to carry out the custom concept for your space. Whether implemented by you, the homeowner, or your handing it over to your contractor, all the information, details, and sources are in one convenient place. Think of this package as a Mood Board + Mockup + Onsite Consulting and more all in one.

What to expect:

Additional concept board for same space/room $350.00