Cassie Perry

Redesigning furniture has become a passion that I can thank my mom for. Back when I turned 25 years old, she gave me her bedroom furniture. Fast forward 6 years later and the dark wood was no longer in style. So, for my 31st birthday she offered to paint all the pieces. After about 6 weeks I had them back and they were INCREDIBLE. I remember telling my mom how I could never do that. Too many steps, too much time, blah blah blah.... Couple weeks later we were garage sale shopping. I fell in LOVE with a jewelry armoire, and they only wanted $10 for it. Only problem was that it was dark cherry and super dated. Mom suggested we paint it. So that is what we did. We took it apart, sanded, primed, painted, painted again, distressed it, put a furniture transfer on it, sealed it, put it all back together, and voila! It was perfect and it started this desire to want to do another piece. Which turned into my first sale. And now I just can't stop!

Graduating with a degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Dallas is where my love for design and the arts really started to come alive. Living in Austin since 1996, my love for the city, the people, and the way of life has brought me to “Live the Austin Life”.  At the end of the day I'm a dedicated family person. Lake days, dancing and family dinners give me the renewed energy I bring when redesigning each piece of furniture.